Cold Emailing – The Most Effective Marketing Channel

Cold Emailing – The Most Effective Marketing Channel

There are many different types of paid online advertising, and choosing the right one can be very difficult. CPM & PPC are two common types of paid advertising, and while they might be effective, they also come with their flaws. Email database marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient and successful business advertising techniques compared to CPM & PPC. At E Database Marketing, we can walk you through what you need to know about maximizing your outreach to your target audience.

Issues with CPM

CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions.” A CPM is a unit of measurement for website owners’ price each time a thousand people view their website. The current “cost per thousand impressions” pricing has faced some scrutiny over the past few years, and here are three major concerns with it:
CPM pricing is not transparent in regards to how your marketing budget is spent. It can be hard to measure your return on investment (ROI) compared to other media investments. Even if you can accurately track your traffic from a website, the prices are still essentially arbitrary. For example, if a webmaster is underpaying for a CPM ad, they theoretically could continue to invest in their website indefinitely.
The problem is that the current implementation of CPM pricing has evolved into charging for how many people see a single ad impression, not how many website visits there are. This means that as long as a visitor views one page on the publisher’s site (regardless of whether they visit another page) and one ad impression is displayed on that page, the publisher will be charged. This gives publishers a false sense of security in their CPM-based revenue stream. It also makes it difficult to measure ROI when compared to other media investments like SEO or PPC.
This is particularly problematic when you compare advertising spend across different media channels. For the most part, publishers monetize content differently from banner ads. When you compare CPM ad spend with other forms of advertising like PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization), it’s difficult to determine whether or not a publisher is benefiting from CPM vs. other types of marketing.

Drawbacks with PPC

Basically, pay per click advertising works like this: You pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. This method guarantees some level of interaction, so you only pay when someone makes a purchase after reading your ad. Another advantage of using this method is that it eliminates the risk of accidentally overcharging. However, since you’re competing against other companies and advertisers, your ad might not appear as often as you would like. Your ad might not show up at all if your prices aren’t competitive enough.

The Advantages of Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is one of the most effective marketing techniques for small businesses with limited funds for advertising. It can be a powerful form of lead generation and conversion for companies looking to grow their customer base. It’s also a great way to connect with people who are interested in your products or services. All you need is a good quality target database.
Here are the five significant advantages of using cold emailing to promote your business:

It’s Cost Effective

Cold emailing is one of the inexpensive forms of paid advertising available. It costs pennies per email sent, and you can have emails sent from multiple locations around the world, further cutting down on costs.

It’s Easy

Using a cold email template is the easiest way to get started with cold emailing. A basic cold email template includes a welcome message, an introduction, and a call to action. It’s this simplicity that makes it such a great option for small businesses with limited time and resources.

It’s Effective

The best part about cold emailing is that the results speak for themselves. It’s a measurable, effective form of advertising that can be used to grow your business continually.

It’s Sustainable

Annual costs for cold emailing are minimal compared to other forms of advertising. You can begin with a basic template and add more emails over time, increasing the effectiveness of your cold email campaign and generating more leads for your business.

It’s Flexible

Unlike other forms of advertising, cold emailing can be done on the go. Email your cold email template from your phone or tablet, and continue to grow your business wherever you are.

Effective Techniques for Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is not just a great way to get in touch with potential new connections; it can also be an effective way to build your business. You may ask yourself what you have to lose by trying, which is the appropriate question. You’ll likely find out more about companies and opportunities than if you never contacted them at all. And who knows? You might even get a job or make some friends along the way.
Cold emailing has never been easier or more accessible than it is today. There are more ways than ever to get your foot in the door with the right people. And if you are experienced with cold emailing, you know it’s one of the most effective ways to promote yourself.
Here are some of the most effective techniques for cold emailing:

Tailor Your Emails to Different People

When you’re cold-emailing, your message needs to be tailored to each recipient. It should be based on information that is specific to them alone. One effective way to tailor your message is to look at the recipient’s profile. If you see that they are dealing with many legal issues, this can provide you with information about their industry or background. You can then tailor your message to meet the recipient’s needs and make your selling pitch more effective.

Show Your Personality

Show them that you are a person and not just another robot or spam sandwich. When you are cold emailing, it’s essential to present yourself compellingly and memorably. You can do this by remembering facts like the name of an employee or a company slogan. You don’t have to be just one person who is trying to sell something. You can show that you are interested in what the company offers and not just another sales pitch.

Cite Relevant Background Information

A little research can go a long way in cold emailing. If you know the name of the person you are contacting or connect to them, take a look at their LinkedIn profile. If it is public, you can make a note of their current position and responsibilities. This will give you information that is relevant and may help encourage response from the recipient.
Reach Out to Us
If you’re looking for ways to grow your small business, consider giving cold emailing a try. Using a cold email template is an effective way to connect with potential clients. It’s also an easy way to promote yourself and maximize the success of your business efforts. If you need help reaching your target audience globally while maximizing your sales, contact us today at E database marketing or visit our website at

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7 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

As an email marketer, there will be a time where you will find yourself creating lists of opportunities, accounts, crucial leads, and potential customers. Today, not many people take pride in creating a comprehensive database. But if you have taken enough time to create business email lists, your business will improve.
If you seek the best email marketing tactics, it is vital to avoid common marketing mistakes. You will need to understand why they are detrimental to your business. Read on to find out.

Don’t Send Emails Using a No-Reply Address

Don’t attempt to send emails from no-reply addresses. By using a no-reply address, you’re practically saying, “Here is what we have to say. But we don’t have time to listen to your feedback.” Messages from no-reply addresses will appear impersonal. You need to create a business email address that your contacts can send to. Also, encourage people to send emails to your company. You can tell them to get in touch through email or via any other medium.
Ensure your contacts understand that a natural person is interested in hearing what they have to say. Don’t make the communication one-way. Ensure there is a dialogue.

Subject Line Lacks Personalization

According to a study done recently, it was discovered that emails that have personalized subject lines were read more than emails that had generic subject lines. So, it is advised that you utilize your database well and write customized emails. Ensure you make your contacts feel valued.

No Subject Line

You may have heard this several times. When writing a subject line, make sure you write a catchy line for the email. This will convince the recipient to click through. You can keep it short and catchy. Avoid generic terms that sound salesy. These terms include free news and sale now. Not only will potential customers, but they will list your address as spam.
Always use slogans that will convince the potential client to open the email.

Not Requesting for Permission

Have you been buying contacts? If so, you need to stop. Contact lists should be earned. Sending unnecessary emails isn’t just unethical, but people will see the address as spam, and in the end, you’ll get blocked. So, don’t waste time and resources sending unauthorized emails to people.
Instead, it would be best to create a high-quality database by requesting people to offer their information.

Not Segmenting Your Customers

Sending many emails isn’t something you should do. You need to understand that your clients are unique. So, don’t see them as the same. Some might be loyal, while others are first-time buyers. This is crucial to keep in mind.
Don’t make the mistake of using the same message to all your contacts. Make sure you segment them and send personalized emails.

Poor Spelling

We’re living in a digital world, and auto-correct is available. However, even with auto-correct, people will still send messages with bad grammar and misspelled words. It is common, and even the best writers will find themselves dealing with poor spelling.
But when you’re writing messages to your clients, you need to make sure the copy is well-written and free of spelling mistakes. It would be best if you thought about your company’s reputation. If it’s an honest mistake, it will not be all doom and gloom. However, it is crucial to proofread the copy before sending it out.

Not Optimizing for Mobile Users

Most emails will be read on mobile phones. If your email doesn’t look great or read well on a mobile device, it will be sent to the bin. Ensure the messages can be understood on both mobile and PC. You can use short sentences and avoid using technical language. Please keep it simple. If you are looking to improve your email marketing strategy, you can visit and learn more.

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Best B2B Email Marketing Practices of All Time

Best B2B Email Marketing Practices of All Time

Today, marketing campaigns are incomplete without email marketing. Despite the rapidly growing mobile platforms, search engine optimization, and social media, more and more businesses turn to email marketing, meaning that building and maintaining a comprehensive email database should be at the core of every organization that wants success.

Why is Email Marketing So Important?

According to experts, a significant percentage of customers do not like annoying distractions from push adverts or streams of promotional messages. Email marketing does the opposite; it’s minimally intrusive and, best of all, offers a great ROI. Phone calls and text messages are an investment, and unlike emails, they may go unnoticed if the prospect misses the call/text. Another reason why email marketing works is that it supplements word of mouth. For instance, prospects will find it easy to forward an email address to their colleagues, friends, and family when needed.

Getting Started With B2B Email Marketing

Email marketing in the B2B world presents a myriad of benefits, but one must execute it precisely to work effectively. The idea is to avoid spam, and at the same time, make the business look and feel trustworthy. When marketers execute email marketing correctly, they get a better shot with the client, learn about their businesses, and make a pitch that addresses their needs.

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

Most companies use ESPs to automate their email marketing campaigns because ESPs make work easier while observing spam compliance and a load of other benefits. When choosing the right provider, always remember that different ESPs have varying templates, links, images, etc. Always make sure that your preferred email service provider looks and feels right for your email marketing team. You’re probably going to use the same ESP services for the foreseeable future; therefore, taking the time to do your research should be your first step.

Build a Solid Email List

An email list in B2B marketing is a valuable asset that needs to be very accurate. It is safe to say that a marketing campaign is made successful by the email list behind it. Therefore, you need a detailed, well-structured, and updated email list that captures the prospect’s name, who to contact, how to get in touch with them, the location, and anything that helps you understand the prospect’s intent buy.

Segment the Email Database

An email list segmentation involves breaking the list into groups and driving your marketing efforts based on specific factors. For instance, loyal customers can be grouped separately from newer customers, and each group can be targeted with different marketing campaigns. However, ESPs charge for segmentation, so you have to ensure that each campaign is worth it.

Content Marketing and Automation

Content marketing and email are like two sides of the same coin; one cannot work effectively without the other. People will appreciate a company that values them. However, they still won’t read your emails if you don’t provide valuable content. Fortunately, email data lists provide all the information required to understand your customers and create amazing content for them.

Automation comes when you have too many customers to tend to individually or specific goals for each segment list. Automation also aids in responding to new customers on time.

Build Your Email Marketing Database Today

Running a successful business means having a quality email list by your side. This way, you’re assured of a loyal customer base that is ready to buy. If building quality email lists sounds great, E Database Marketing is the right place to be. For more information about our email marketing services, please visit us at

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Advancing From An Email Marketing Database To Marketing Automation

Advancing From An Email Marketing Database To Marketing Automation

Most people think emails are just used to send and receive information, and there is so much more that can be done through emails. The digital marketing field is advancing daily with new technology. In digital marketing, an email list is an important element for a successful marketing strategy. It is a fact that with an email business list, you can build a relationship with your customers, nurture leads and convert them into long-lasting paying clients. To achieve this successfully, you will need a reputable email service provider like E Database Marketing. In E Database Marketing, we help marketers accurately centralize online and offline data to build an effective email marketing database.

Why Go For Marketing Automation?

Did you know that an estimated 75% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool? Marketing automation allows your company to optimize its marketing strategy by creating an automation workflow. A well-designed workflow will serve as the path that will trigger one marketing task after another. An example of this would be when a new client subscribes to your website; a welcome letter will be sent to them, followed by product promotion, sales announcement, and so on.

Using market automation will enable you to spend more time focusing on developing your business. It also allows your business to send thousands of personalized emails and cover a lot of ground than when you would have done it manually. Let us look at some of the key elements of a marketing automation database.

Behavioral / Event-Triggered Email Service Data

In comparison to transactional and preference data, behavioral data is a more predictive type of data. It is also the most current, and its relevance enables you to implement true behavioral email marketing. The main difference between email list marketing and marketing automation is web analytics, which is behavioral data. Using this data, you can determine when the customer first visited your website and which content on the web or search terms they are interested in.

Customer Engagement Data

Customer engagement is an important aspect of marketing. This is where you include customers’ insights through collecting data. You can therefore use these data insights to communicate to customers through the set automated campaigns. For an effective nurturing strategy, you need to look at how the customers are engaged in email marketing and how engaged they are in other sites. By doing this, one will control how frequently the customer receives the communications and pinpoint loopholes.

Marketing automation gives you an accurate assessment of your customer’s engagement, and this will help set guidelines to make sure that any information that is sent is effectively received. Well-received information brings positive feedback in marketing.

Are You Ready To Automate?

The true power of marketing automation comes alive when you explore the options within your campaign. If implemented properly with the right email provider, marketing automation should double the revenue you see from your traditional email marketing. For more information, visit us on

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Tips on Building and Nurturing an Email Marketing Database of Quality Customers

Tips on Building and Nurturing an Email Marketing Database of Quality Customers

Having a quality email database is essential for any business because you’ll have a list of warmed up customers ready to buy. What you do with the databases will also play a big role in the success of your marketing endeavors. In this post, we’re going to highlight how to take advantage of your email database marketing for improved conversions.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Research has shown that email marketing is the best marketing option in terms of ROI. More than 95% of consumers check their email on a daily basis. Email marketing makes it possible to create personalized content while communicating with your audience at the same time. The campaigns are cost-effective since you’ll be targeting a specific audience.

Choosing an Email Provider

You’ll first need to figure out the email provider that will help in building up the list, create marketing campaigns, and do the tracking. One of the ways of discerning the grain from the chaff is by looking at the delivery rate. The provider should also be able to provide accurate tracking and timely reports. This information should be easily accessible from a single dashboard. You can research the providers depending on your needs as a company.

Segmenting and Targeting Your List

It should be noted that not all customers will have the same needs. That is why generic messaging might not be effective in the long run. There are different customer profiles on your list and that is why it is imperative that you’re doing segmentation if the marketing campaigns are to be effective. There are platforms that make it possible to segment to an individual customer. E Database Marketing provides segmentation for: First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, Official Email, Telephone Number, Job Title, Fax Number, Mailing Address, Zip Code, Company Website URL, etc. Additional fields: Company Product, Industry, SIC Code, Industry Description, Employee Size, Revenue Size, Social Profile, Company

Provide Valuable Content

There are marketers that will only focus on sending offers to their customers. Your potential client will need to have a reason why they should be buying from you in the first place. You don’t want your subscribers getting tired of the constant promotions that might not be beneficial in any way. The alternative would be to provide valuable content. Identify pain points and the information gap that is lacking with the product or service.

Measure Health

Your email list is an integral part of your marketing. You should regularly check the health of the list. There are things like conversions, CTRs, and click-to-open rates that will provide insights into the kind of performance you can expect with your list. You’re able to make the necessary adjustments depending on the feedback you get from the tests. You’ll also need to clean your list on a regular basis. It could be that there is a big number on your list that hasn’t clicked on an email in a long time. Purging the list will give you more qualified emails to work with.

Wrap it Up

Growing an email list takes time and effort. You shouldn’t only be focused on the promotional aspect of marketing because your customers will want more than that. As a business owner, you shouldn’t have to figure out everything on your own. You can look for an agency to handle all your digital marketing campaigns. For information on how to maximize your email list, you can check out

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A Guide on Buying Targeted Email Lists

A Guide on Buying Targeted Email Lists

There is no denying that you can easily get email lists for cheap but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be targeted. For an email marketing campaign to be effective, it’s important that the list is highly targeted. You’re likely to get a list that has been spammed to death. It won’t be easy to get a vendor that provides quality. That’s why we’ve put together this guide if you’re looking to buy a targeted email marketing database for cheap.

When Should You Start?

There is no reason why you’d want to wait until you no longer have new leads before you can start looking for a new database. This is a common mistake that a lot of marketers make that can interfere with the email marketing flow. Once you’ve run out of leads, desperation is likely to kick and you’ll find yourself in a frenzy searching for new leads. Make it a point to be on the lookout for new lists on a regular basis so that you can never run out of leads.

Things to Be Avoided

If you’re buying email lists for the first time, you’ll find that there are hundreds of results warning you against the practice. There will also be results that are tempting with the prospects advertised. There are some lists that you’ll generally want to avoid and they include:
Auto-generated Lists: Emails that are scraped from the web are usually unverified. There are no guarantees on their effectiveness. That is why it is usually recommended that you stay away from such lists. Weeding out spam lists could prove challenging. You can start by looking at the customer reviews. Reach out to the provider and find out the frequency in which the list is scrubbed as it will provide some perspective on the quality of the list.
One-time data Usage: There are companies that will only permit one-time data usage. You can never really gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign with such an option. It can take up to 8 emails before a lead turns into a prospect. With this option, you’ll have to pay every time you want to send an email.
General Lists: General lists could be a hit or miss but there is no reason why you should be spending your hard-money on them. You’re more likely to convert with a targeted list. This can save you money in the long run even if the targeted list is a bit pricey.

What To Look For

In order to know what is ideal, it’s crucial to know what to avoid. Equally important, is knowing what is needed to get quality. For starters, you’d want to get a list with human-verified data. The contact list has been reviewed by humans and is found credible. The company should also provide transparent pricing right from the onset so that you’re aware of what you’ll be paying for. There is nothing wrong with asking for samples. For tips on email marketing, you can check out

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