Most people think emails are just used to send and receive information, and there is so much more that can be done through emails. The digital marketing field is advancing daily with new technology. In digital marketing, an email list is an important element for a successful marketing strategy. It is a fact that with an email business list, you can build a relationship with your customers, nurture leads and convert them into long-lasting paying clients. To achieve this successfully, you will need a reputable email service provider like E Database Marketing. In E Database Marketing, we help marketers accurately centralize online and offline data to build an effective email marketing database.

Why Go For Marketing Automation?

Did you know that an estimated 75% of all companies already use at least one kind of marketing automation tool? Marketing automation allows your company to optimize its marketing strategy by creating an automation workflow. A well-designed workflow will serve as the path that will trigger one marketing task after another. An example of this would be when a new client subscribes to your website; a welcome letter will be sent to them, followed by product promotion, sales announcement, and so on.

Using market automation will enable you to spend more time focusing on developing your business. It also allows your business to send thousands of personalized emails and cover a lot of ground than when you would have done it manually. Let us look at some of the key elements of a marketing automation database.

Behavioral / Event-Triggered Email Service Data

In comparison to transactional and preference data, behavioral data is a more predictive type of data. It is also the most current, and its relevance enables you to implement true behavioral email marketing. The main difference between email list marketing and marketing automation is web analytics, which is behavioral data. Using this data, you can determine when the customer first visited your website and which content on the web or search terms they are interested in.

Customer Engagement Data

Customer engagement is an important aspect of marketing. This is where you include customers’ insights through collecting data. You can therefore use these data insights to communicate to customers through the set automated campaigns. For an effective nurturing strategy, you need to look at how the customers are engaged in email marketing and how engaged they are in other sites. By doing this, one will control how frequently the customer receives the communications and pinpoint loopholes.

Marketing automation gives you an accurate assessment of your customer’s engagement, and this will help set guidelines to make sure that any information that is sent is effectively received. Well-received information brings positive feedback in marketing.

Are You Ready To Automate?

The true power of marketing automation comes alive when you explore the options within your campaign. If implemented properly with the right email provider, marketing automation should double the revenue you see from your traditional email marketing. For more information, visit us on

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