Why E-Database Marketing


Wasting time checking it just to learn that data is changed in by the date of campaign execution and your marketing dollars has spent. Get Targeted Marketing Data for an affordable price with more data features. Which is more efficient, accurately maintained, and the results are simply better.E-Database Marketing helps marketers to centralize all kinds of data, whether it is online or offline. The aim of the company is to build email marketing database for its clients, which is actionable.

The capacity to collect and analyse information from all sources increases the client acquisition rate which enhances retention and loyalty. A consumer database offers tangible value during the making of strategic sales and marketing decisions. The usage of all information available across all data sources and channels results in increased relevance of marketing offers and greater customer insights.

Data Integration and Enhancement

We provide data integration and enhancement services to allow marketers to understand their customers in better way. E-Database Marketing offers extensive data sources that include lifestyle, behavioral, preference, transaction and demographic information.

E-Database Marketing transforms information into knowledge by using every available information, which can be used for pinpointing the actions that have maximum chances of conversions. Through our email database marketing solutions, we assist marketers to get deeper insights that lead to effective demand generation, improved sales and enhanced return on investment.

Our Email Data Marketing Solutions

Only having a bunch of email ids is not sufficient for attracting customers. You need to have contact details of prospects who are interested to know about your products and services. For that, you need updated marketing data. We are into this process for years and our team has developed some proven database marketing solutions after undertaking meticulous research processes. We offer

  • Prospect and customer databases
  • Data integration and enhancement
  • Real time marketing database

Prospect and Customer Database

E-Database Marketing lays stress on relationship marketing. We offer the foundation, which enables and improves customer relationships by building, managing and connecting customer database. This helps you to get multidimensional insights. We help marketers in identifying high-value customers through updated email database Marketing. Our database solutions also act for optimization of marketing spends and making marketing operations cost effective and cost efficient.

Real Time Marketing Database

Every marketer aims for developing a personal relationship between brand and consumer base. This has attained by having relevant, meaningful and timely bi-directional conversations with customers. E-Database Marketing makes this possible with the intersection of real-time decision making and database marketing solutions for delivering cadenced, coordinated communication across channels by bringing relevant information.

Why Choose E Database Marketing?

Responsive, Accurate Data at Unbeaten Price

Dedicated Account Manager to handle your business marketing

Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the highest industry standards

Higher levels of Customer Satisfaction

The days of trial and error have gone. Resources are becoming scarce. Therefore, you need a marketing partner who can smartly enhance the market reach as well as scalability. Our email marketing database solutions help you efficiently target your prospects and assist them to gather relevant information about your products and services. By using our database services, you can get privacy protection, expert support, excellent deliverability, run mobile optimized campaigns, attain social integration goals, detailed real-time reporting and much more.

We are always into researching new market trends and accordingly we develop email marketing database solutions. We can provide you demo sessions regarding our database services. Contact us today.

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