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Making money from your product or services –no matter how well they’ve been developed – requires putting them in front of your target market. That said, clearly defining who exactly the target market is, requires dexterity and accuracy. The more accurate and precise your definition is, the easier it is to market to them. That is where we come in; providing industry-leading and relevant customer profiles to businesses. Our team of research experts will help put your marketing strategy aligned with the facts of the market – both for existing and new customers. Our customer profiling services will help you achieve this without breaking a sweat.

Build your customer profile with us

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, you need the right information of whom to sell to


  • For B2B companies finding targeted B2B database that matches exact needs is pretty easy and it’s necessary to know the sectors of your target companies, their key sales decision makers, their financial power, the suppliers they use and their spending power.
  • For B2C companies, you need the right demographics: age, gender, location, personal and household income, and spending habits.

You need a customer profiling company that helps you put it all together – to help you garner all kinds of information out there on your target market.

Our customer profiling services are can also be tailored according to your requirement.


  • For example, you might have a precise specification such as – Industry: manufacturing, location: USA, employee size: between 10 to 500, revenue: $20 million and above, – Target Title marketing manager and CEO, etc. usually business spend years to profile the targeted information. That is where we come in E-Database Marketing Customer profiling services helps business to obtain those targeted leads within a matter of hours.
  • Additionally, you might already have a customer profile database, but needs serious updates. Our data cleansing services will take such requirements and turn them into an accurate and comprehensive database to enhance your marketing strategy.

How does customer profiling service help you?

Using our customer profiling services will provide all these benefits to your business:

  •  Profiling your customers and would-be customers helps you to segment them.
  • Segmentation helps you allocate marketing resources appropriately – tailoring adverts and engagement according to each segments’ needs.
  • It will also help you when you create products and services. You want to create products and services tailored to specific market demographics.
  • Furthermore, having an updated customer profile database enables you analyze your current customers helps you target new ones using a tested and proven marketing strategy.

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