Data Cleansing Services

Industry Data Quality expands the lifetime value of information

You should never waste resources, and our data cleansing services ensures your marketing efforts and messages get delivered to the right contacts with accurate data. Quality of data is very important to your business and we help businesses improve the integrity of their data with proven techniques supervised by experienced and highly-skilled personnel

What are data cleaning/data cleansing?

Data cleaning or data cleansing refers to a process where a database is fine-tuned and streamlined for optimum output during marketing campaigns. It is mostly done in batch – to make the process faster – and ends up removing rows and columns that have incorrect data, missing data, inconsistent attribute values, and wrong formatted data from the data.

The reason to carry out regular data cleaning services stems from the fact that small factors can alter the effect of your direct marketing activities. Errors in data are well-known Achilles heels when direct marketing campaigns are concerned. Therefore, it is essential to keep the quality of the database at excellent levels while ensuring there is also data integrity.

Process Of Our Data Enhancement Services

Data Inconsistencies

Fields like dates will have a uniform data type and formatted the same way for all attributes.


We will help you remove fields that have been replicated which mostly affect analysis

Incomplete Data

Fields whose data are not complete are also managed either by removing them or updating the field in cases where such data exists

Data Updation

We fix errors on the data such as putting the wrong character set in the wrong fields and Use the same standards across all fields

Despite the seemingly simple and easy nature of data cleansing, tackling real projects are always daunting. Certain processes require iteration to ensure data is up to par with acceptable levels, and certain steps must be started before others. In short, it is cumbersome, but we have mastered the techniques to deliver data cleansing services that gives you a dataset that produces maximum gains. As a data cleaning company we keeps your data confidential and maintains strict compliance putting the integrity of your data a priority. That is why we use secure servers, and the data are managed by security conscious data management experts.

Benefits of using a data cleaning service

Having an accurate and well managed customer database has a domino effect on your marketing and sales efforts.

Using our cleaning process will do the following for your business:

  • Cleansing data ensures your customer database is reusable rather than building a new list
  • Ensures you have accurate prospect and customer details
  • Data cleaning ensures you minimize wasted resources from sending duplicate messages
  • Ensures your marketing efforts are functional and that they bear fruit
  • Ensures you have accurate data cleansing which translates to accurate data analysis and customer segmentation
  • The data cleansing process ensures your brand’s reputation is not at risk of public humiliation from sending a mail with wrong information

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