The email open rate is something you will be watching during your email marketing campaign. However, if you have encountered low open rate that means your campaign is not doing well and you will have to implement a better strategy for it.

Re-sending emails to non-openers can be a good option in your effort to make your marketing campaign a successful one. However, this is something you should do carefully and with precision because the process is not just about resending the email to non-openers.

Understand the Open Rate and Prioritize Your Emails

It is important to understand the open rate. You should know and understand it very well and learn how it influences your email marketing campaign. It will be easier creating a list of the target audience and go with the process of email resend.

Sending and resending emails repeatedly to non-openers will definitely be an annoying issue and the process can bring bad reputation to your business among the recipients. You should select a few emails that were opened by a huge number of the target audience and send them to non-openers.

The Reason of Poor Open Rate

It is important for you to understand that why your email had not been opened by your target audience because this will help you to ascertain the reason of failure. Most of the email marketers overlook their mistakes. If you find subscribers repeatedly avoiding your emails, then you should stop sending them to email repeatedly.

Make Some Changes in Your Content

Heavy content available in your mail may take some time to open and that irritates the recipients. Your high-quality images are probably playing the spoils by taking a lot of time to open or download. Thus, prepare a simple and informative email that will open in a flash and make the recipient comfortable.

Whenever you are planning about resending emails to a non-opener, you should give importance to its content and then decide whether you should resend it to the same subscriber or not.

Initiate Resend Campaign with Small Numbers

Before starting the resend campaign, you should know that you could not resend emails to your target audience randomly, as it can put a stain on your reputation. Try to prepare a list of subscribers and assess the reason for sending them emails again.

If you think that non-openers will give a response to your modified emails this time, then you can check it by sending it to a few selected subscribers. However, if you still find the recipients unresponsive, avoid resending the mail again. It is better to make some changes in your marketing strategy and prepare a email database of new audience.

Open rate always plays an important role in a marketing campaign and if you have failed to grab the attention of your target audience, it will not be easy to witness success. The trick of resending emails can be an effective way to bring success in your marketing campaign if it is done precisely.

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