Email appending is a common term widely used by email marketers. It has been helping the marketers in enhancing their online marketing campaigns success rate for quite some time. However, many people are still reluctant to consider email appending a reliable source of valuable data, just because of the emergence of many ill-reputed email appending service providers all around.

Email appending is a process of updating and addressing missing information in your customer record. The process can help you in improving your online marketing metrics and generating new leads. Here are the top five tricks that can help you reap the benefits of email appending.

Always Work with Solely Appending Customer Data

If you find that you are not getting the desired result from your email marketing campaign, then do not try to improve it in a hurry. Maybe you need to update your existing email list with a new contacts, but this should be done with a well-thought out plan. Do not approach an ill-reputed email append service provider, because they do not care about your reputation. Thus, while giving your list for data cleansing, stick to your existing customer, not the potential ones.

The Welcome Mail

Welcome mail is one of the most popular practices for email marketers. Though it is the service provider that sends the mail to your target audience, you can draft one and give it to them to send it out.

The welcome email should come with some important set of options so that it can serve its purpose effectively. The message contained by your welcome mail should state its purpose clearly to the recipients. In addition, do not try to sell or promote any products or service in the welcome mail.

Take Opt In and Out Options Seriously

It can be the first email that your target audience is receiving from you. Thus, make sure that you have sent the mail with good intentions. If too many recipients go for the opt-out option, it will have a negative impact not only on your IP address’ stability but at your reputation too. If you seek permission from the recipient, on whether they can allow you to contact them, you will witness an increase in the number of subscribers.

Keep Your New and In-House List Separate

Before working with the newly appended email lists, make sure that you have kept your existing or in-house email list apart. However, it is not that you cannot mix both of your email lists, as you can merge them together after getting responses from your welcome mails. This will help you in getting rid of bouncing mails and generating leads.

Work With a Reputed Service Provider

The email appending service provider you are working with should have a good reputation in the industry, otherwise, you may find yourself in a serious trouble. The email appending service provider should have a strong client list so that you can get feed-backs about the company. In addition, do not always go after the cheap service providers, because most of them will cost you a lot at the end.
These are the top 5 email appending trends of 2017 that you can apply to make your email marketing campaign successful.

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