Email Marketing – The 1000% ROI strategy no one is talking about

Email Marketing – The 1000% ROI strategy no one is talking about

With competition as fierce as ever, every dollar put towards marketing NEEDS to count! Your hard earned revenue needs to be put to good use, and on growth tactics that are measurable, scalable and high yield.
Enter email marketing. Sure, it’s not the next new shiny strategy, but how far have you gotten by chasing the next “trend” that is here today and gone tomorrow?

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at why marketing to targeted email lists for consumers or businesses is a strategy your company needs to implement ASAP!

1. Email is Global

Last year email was used by more than 3+ billion individuals worldwide. This equates to almost one-half of the world’s population. If you’re doing business in the developed world and NOT using email, you’re missing out on a critical “touch point” in your marketing mix.

2. Email is NOT Dying

Every single day over 200+ billion emails are sent and this is expected to rise to around 250 billion by the end of 2019. So not only is email still one of the world’s most highly utilized forms of communication, its projected to keep growing.

3. Return on Investment

Email, on average, outperforms almost every single other marketing channel. In fact, for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38. That is a MASSIVE 3800% ROI.

4. Predictable and Sustainable Growth

Unlike ad campaigns that fluctuate in costs based upon supply and demand or increased competition, or ever-fluctuating algorithms of organic rankings and traffic, email is consistent.

This means predictable outreach and growth without fear of increasing costs.

5. Other Mediums Can’t Compete

Social is all the rage in marketing, but if you are looking for a direct way to engage and interact with your audience, you just can’t beat email marketing.

Why? A recent Forrester research study found that your target audience is more than TWICE as likely to register to your email list than they are to interact with you on Facebook.

But what about search and display traffic? Not even close. Both search and display can’t hold a candle to email. Not only are both more costly, email boasts a conversion rate higher than BOTH combined.


Email Data list

6. Consumers Want to Hear from You

When surveyed, over 61% of consumers reported enjoying receipt of promotional emails on a weekly basis (Marketing Sherpa, 2018). And another 38% said they would like to receive emails on a daily basis.

7. Business Communication Thrives on Email

Research reveals that when it comes to business-related communications and promotions, over 72% of businesses prefer to be solicited by email versus any other form of communication.

Why you ask?

  • They can review the message on their own time
  • It is not “in their face” or disruptive like ads
  • They can multi-task while reading emails
  • It does not interrupt their daily tasks

Buying an Email List – What you need to know

Now that you’re convinced email is a worthwhile marketing endeavor for your business. Where do you start?

You need emails right? Here are your basic options:

  • Earn opt ins for your business through other marketing channels
  • Purchase a list from a reputable company
  • Scrape or gather your own data

When looking for business or consumer email marketing database and lists there are a few things to consider. Let’s take a closer look…

1. Earning Opt-Ins through Marketing

  • Highly targeted
  • Interested right now
  • Aware of your brand
  • Expensive
  • Hard to scale
  • Takes time to test and optimize
  • Growth is slow

2. Scraping / Gathering Data on your Own

  • More control
  • No third parties
  • Possibility to scale quickly
  • Legal issues related to unauthorized access or scraping of sites
  • Limitation issues and other prevention methods sties use to stop you
  • Need for high quality proxies (hard to find, expensive to source)
  • Data is often inaccurate, old, and incomplete
  • May need to scrape multiple sources
  • May need to pay for a third party tool or hire a developer

3. Buying a List or Database

  • Data is clean
  • Legal and compliance is taken care of for you
  • Data is accurate
  • Pinpoint your target audience
  • Multiple level of segmentation
  • Data is up to date
  • Ability to scale by simply ordering more
  • Fast delivery means you’ll be ready to run campaigns quickly
  • You’ll need to vet the supplier

Legalities and Compliance of Email Marketing

*we’re not lawyers but we know a thing or two Despite what you might read from overzealous compliance “know-it-all” online, email marketing can be perfectly legal, as can buying data lists.

In the USA email marketing must comply with CANSPAM regulations. These regulations are simple and so long as you adhere to them and any other applicable rules you’ll be fine.

In Short, CANSPAM requires:

  1. Use a valid physical address in every email you deliver
  2. Include a clear and easy way for the recipient to opt out in every email
  3. Honor any unsubscribe request within 10 business days
  4. Use clear and accurate “From”, “To” and “Reply to” fields

            “The CAN-SPAM Act doesn’t require initiators of commercial email to get recipients’ consent         before sending them commercial email. In other words, there is no opt-in requirement”

You get what you pay For

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to email lists and data. There are MANY cheap data and email list providers out there that “resell” the same garbage over and over again.

Cheap Providers Often:

  • Provide false or inaccurate data
  • Use data that is outdated and no longer valid
  • Oversell their data to too many customers
  • Have no quality checks in place
  • Often don’t follow regulations or compliance laws

Deliverability Tips

While an entire book could be written on enhancing email deliverability rates, here is a bullet bullet point list to help you get started:

  • Personalize your emails to the target individual / business
  • Split test and rotate subject lines and body text
  • Limit send rates per carrier
  • Do not use tracking links in bulk emails
  • Do not use images in your first outreach to prospects
  • To no use HTML / use plain text in your first outreach to prospects
  • Clean and validate your lists prior to sending to reduce bounce rates
  • Warm up your IPs by slowly increasing send volumes each day

Benefits of Data Appending

Data appending and enhancement is a great way to improve the targeting and accuracy of your data. For example, if your current list only has a name and physical address, you may be able to append an email address or phone number to make the profile/lead more complete and workable.

What can email marketing do for your business?

These email marketing stats and business database insights prove just how valuable email can be for your business.

Whether you want to increase your number of customers or strengthen your relationship with existing customers, email marketing will give you the tools you need.

If you need any further information

How the Trick of Resend Emails Can Work for Your Marketing Campaign?

How the Trick of Resend Emails Can Work for Your Marketing Campaign?

The email open rate is something you will be watching during your email marketing campaign. However, if you have encountered low open rate that means your campaign is not doing well and you will have to implement a better strategy for it.

Re-sending emails to non-openers can be a good option in your effort to make your marketing campaign a successful one. However, this is something you should do carefully and with precision because the process is not just about resending the email to non-openers.

Understand the Open Rate and Prioritize Your Emails

It is important to understand the open rate. You should know and understand it very well and learn how it influences your email marketing campaign. It will be easier creating a list of the target audience and go with the process of email resend.

Sending and resending emails repeatedly to non-openers will definitely be an annoying issue and the process can bring bad reputation to your business among the recipients. You should select a few emails that were opened by a huge number of the target audience and send them to non-openers.

The Reason of Poor Open Rate

It is important for you to understand that why your email had not been opened by your target audience because this will help you to ascertain the reason of failure. Most of the email marketers overlook their mistakes. If you find subscribers repeatedly avoiding your emails, then you should stop sending them to email repeatedly.

Make Some Changes in Your Content

Heavy content available in your mail may take some time to open and that irritates the recipients. Your high-quality images are probably playing the spoils by taking a lot of time to open or download. Thus, prepare a simple and informative email that will open in a flash and make the recipient comfortable.

Whenever you are planning about resending emails to a non-opener, you should give importance to its content and then decide whether you should resend it to the same subscriber or not.

Initiate Resend Campaign with Small Numbers

Before starting the resend campaign, you should know that you could not resend emails to your target audience randomly, as it can put a stain on your reputation. Try to prepare a list of subscribers and assess the reason for sending them emails again.

If you think that non-openers will give a response to your modified emails this time, then you can check it by sending it to a few selected subscribers. However, if you still find the recipients unresponsive, avoid resending the mail again. It is better to make some changes in your marketing strategy and prepare a email database of new audience.

Open rate always plays an important role in a marketing campaign and if you have failed to grab the attention of your target audience, it will not be easy to witness success. The trick of resending emails can be an effective way to bring success in your marketing campaign if it is done precisely.

E-mail Marketing Benefits

E-mail Marketing Benefits

As the world moves on with this Electronic mail marketing which is further easier to publish the products among the society. This type of source is quite potential for the sales of a particular product or the dealing of a company source. All should know that this E-mail process can be done only if the user is satisfied and more sarcastically obtained and approved by the government of the nation. Also, it’s a good welfare for the people. Most of the Brands communicate themselves with the people through their corresponding E-mail such as g-mail, hot-mail etc.

Today’s world is dependent in the online shopping which is done through further websites and which is been verified through a mail confirmation. Thus, E-mail marketing is convenient for the people to buy and receive products and to sale a product to the user by its own willing.

Therefore, there should be an E-mail for each company and brands such that people could get to know the details easier of the particular product from any part of the world. It is essential for an upcoming source of product to publish it on a website where the further resulting sales to the user would be possible and the transaction can be done.

Well, there are several types of Email marketing database  based on the ways of sales and marketing. An accommodation of a source rate is determined by the sales of products, in the manner of advertisement and through website publishers.

•Online shopping – Here, the products are sold to the buyer by an online transaction such as jabong, myntra, abof, limeroad, flipkart , amazon etc. Thus so many products are authorized and collectively viewed. The buyers are given information through the website and for further details, E-mail is essential for the marketing purpose.

•Online transaction – This plays a vital role in the marketing field. The commodities are given to the user in returns of money. Thus, the transfer of money is done through the buyers debit & credit cards or mobile transfer.

Thus, E-mail marketing is so necessary and essential for all the services and companies in the world. This process of marketing is safe and can be handled in a short term of period. My suggestion is based on E-mail marketing. Therefore, the placement of the brand would be successful only with the E-mail marketing and perhaps systematically headed towards a good outcome.