Data Licensing

E-Database Marketing provides the most accurate data, delivered through powerful technology

Get secure access to our accurate and in-depth data that are used for top search engines, mobile and web applications, marketing, lead analysis and qualification etc for top companies. Get connected to data that has been verified and is constantly being updated. Getting your data licensing from us, provides you with flexible solutions that fits your business needs including regular updates, data sets customization, in addition to providing real-time access to our updates.

Why Choose Us?

Continually providing verified data to businesses doesn’t happen by chance, but by deliberate strategy and technologically-driven processes. We consciously strive to go farther than the proverbial extra mile because we know that’s how our partnership can bear fruit. Our ability to combine human expertise and the latest technological innovations sets us apart.

Our data are always relevant and always serve the needs of your business. Our breadth of data across industries is unsurpassed with data coming from all kinds of verifiable source we can lay our hands on. If there’s any verifiable data anywhere, trust us to find it.

We go above and beyond to provide data that goes beyond the basics – name, address, phone, age, etc. – by providing extra layers of information that adds richer context to the data, which further makes your analysis and processes more intuitive.

Our data will help you keep up to date with the ever unpredictable market. Keeping up-to-date, is an absolute necessity if your business must survive talk less of scaling new heights. Our data licensing services grants you access to data and our ever evolving data management tools. These tools facilitate data with real time updates – businesses and data attributes – and a stress-free data management experience. Our services are efficient, fast and can dovetail with any type of business.

In our strive for quality, we constantly check and review our data internally for inconsistencies, duplicates and errors, making sure the data you get per time is accurate. This helps us stay above competition by a long mile.

Our data licensing is flexible and allows you to choose the data that serves your needs and the parameters you feel are important to your business needs. This makes the data you get manageable, rather than being clogged up with irrelevant data.

Benefits of our Data Licensing

  • Regular updates, giving you access to new pool of possibilities
  • Reliable and accurate data you can rely on for planning and analysis purposes
  • Extended data attributes that adds extra layer of insight
  • Verified data from reputable sources that saves you from costly expenses
  • Secure access
  • Reduced cost from conducting fresh market analysis and data acquisitions

Contact us today to speak with one of our agents who will intimate you on the possibilities of tapping into our vast, accurate and comprehensive datasets through our data licensing plans.

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